The Farm Gets Bees!

After our trip to see Stephen’s bees, Greg was a goner. His heart was set on getting bees, no matter what. He was all crazy researching where to find them — and really the closest place was up near Saratoga Springs, and they’d only allow you to come pick them up on the Friday before Memorial Day. We we distraught. How to drive 7 hours the Friday before Memorial Day? How do we get the bees home without them buzzing all over the car? Will be able to set up a hive before then?

Luckily, I texted my pal, Jon, who has bees at his restaurant. “Where did u get your bees?”

In 30 seconds I had an answer: “Al the bee guy.”

And so that’s whom we called. Al the bee guy. He brought the bees the following Saturday.


We were up early, excited for Al’s eminent arrival. After I was already back from the market and making lunch, Greg was getting a little despondent. Where’s Al? Finally I called. Al, can you make it over today? “How’s tomorrow?” He said. “Nah,” we said. “How’s today?”

He left his home in Cortlandt Manor and was at Sour Cherry Farm in 45 minutes.

Greg and Al, hauling the bees to their new home:

The bees are in the bottom half. Al has the empty half where we want them to start moving in:

Setting up:

Greg is super-excited:

The hive:

Al put a little screen over the bees’ front door so they wouldn’t sting him in the car:

Level one of the condo:

Level 2, ready to go on:

Greg is inspecting:

Al puts a pine cone in his smoker and lights it. Smoke is supposed to calm the bees down:

Al is smoking the bees:

Now the screen is off:

Al takes the roof off of level one:

Time to inspect:

Lots of bees:

Tasha snaps a few of us, being curious:

Beautiful bees!

Al puts the top back on, and packs up his stuff.

So long Al, and thanks for all the bees!


  1. OMG BEES!!! Now I am completely jealous. Congrats on the new addition to the farm! Are you getting a spinner thing for the honey?

  2. Thanks!! We haven’t gotten any of the gear yet. We will be ordering gloves and a hat probably by July 4th. Al says we don’t need to open the hive til then. We may get honey this year, we may not.

  3. Ummm so if you had to ask what to get little brother for xmas…

  4. I have to say on further reflection, that this is probably the coolest thing I have seen Greg do yet. Good show.

  5. I am so smitten. It’s great to have this background info, now, too. Yay Bees!