The First Sour Cherry Pie of the Season

I must admit. The first sour cherry pie of the season was a bit of a failure. Not an abject failure — I was able to salvage it. But not what I’d been hoping and dreaming of for a year. Come along and I’ll show you why.

First, let’s admire the different photos of cherries that I took, shall we?

Pitting finished, I headed into the kitchen. The filling has sugar, flour, almond extract and lemon juice. And cherries, of course.

I had some of my own dough frozen, so I thawed that and rolled it out.

I gave the filling a stir —

— and plopped it in the center of the dough. I gathered the dough up around it.

And then I put it in the oven at 400.

Ack! The filling leaked out all over the baking sheet and the top of the dough was glazed with sugar and so burned!

I was able to save some of it, though, and we had it topped with a scoop of my homemade creme friache gelato.

Let the sour cherry season begin!

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