Schell’s: The (Second) Oldest U.S. Brewery

Schell’s: The (Second) Oldest U.S. Brewery

Schell’s Brewery in New Ulm, Minn. was established in 1860, making it the second oldest brewery in the US. (The first is Yuengling.) We went for a tour and a tasting on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

We started with a trip to the museum, which shows historical brewery items.

Here is hunna with one of the Schell ancestors:

My turn:

I believe this device was for moving kegs around. Looks scary.

The Schell family was having a reunion that weekend. We saw some of the gift bags, which were tagged with some very Minnesota names:

Here is where you guy your ticket for the brewery tour:

Brick building:

The residence:

We’re walkin’ here:

We had some time before the tour, so we walked around the gardens of the other residence:


Like a deer, caught in the headlights:

Family portrait:

On the steps.

Heading back to the building:

Annie and Doris:

Now it’s time for the tour:

Various brewery items:

Big kettle:

Tasting time!

And that’s our trip to Schell’s! Cheers, hunna!