Nuptials: Michele and Mark

My friend and colleague Michele married the love of her life, Mark, in a beautiful and unique ceremony that took place in the Capitol Theater in Port Chester. We as the audience sat in the mezzanine to watch as the ceremony took place on the stage. Even the wedding program was a Playbill!

Just after they said “I now pronounce you…”, the curtain opened and the band started playing “White Wedding.” Now that’s entertainment.

And yes, they know how to throw a party. Come along, after the jump.

Our view from the mezzainine:

After the ceremony, cocktail hour was in the lobby of the theater:

Martini time!

Yes, I’m drinking a martini.

I tried to do my hair in a 1930s kind of way to go with the setting.

(It was still stifilingly hot, so I wanted it up!)

Bill and Mary!

Meanwhile, the staff was setting up the dining area, under the mezzanine:


Now the people come in from the lobby:


The beautiful cake:


Back to the party:

Our table: Bill and Mary; Dana and her boyfriend:

Chris and the hunna:


Wedding photos! Hopefully the official photographer did better than I did:

Old water fountain:

Supper time!

Dinner was a choice of salmon, eggplant parm or filet. There was a potato Dauphinoise, and then a salad and tons of vegetables, served al dente. I went for the filet and the potato and then had the green beans, the grilled vegetables and the salad. So good!

A little dinner music:

A few random shots:

Cake time:

A little serenading and singalong:

This might have been “Summer Lovin'” from Grease:

Dessert was red velvet cake:

AND … an ice cream sundae bar!

The dance floor from afar:

And that was about it for us! We headed out… and outside the theater was the smoking area:

And the marquee? The Mark and Michele show, naturally!

What a fabulous party. Congratulations and best wishes to Mark and Michele!

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  1. Thank you so much Liz! Love the pics 🙂