Dinner with Chris and Rory at Tarry Tavern

Just before they left for Maine to be married, we had dinner with Chris and Rory at the new Tarry Tavern in Tarrytown. The meal was surprisingly delicious, but the company was even better.

We sat in the corner table.

The restaurant had just opened, so there was barely anyone there.

Here are first courses. Forgive me, it’s been a while since this meal, so I don’t remember everything.

Chicken liver mousse:

Ravioli with peas and asparagus:

Salad, with, I want to say, prosciutto?

The beet salad:

This was by far our favorite. We loved the little surprise of herbs like parsley and mint.

I can’t remember what this was.

Sea bass. Good, as I recall:

I think there was some nice fennel in the tomato broth.

Duck. Very good, as I remember:

Pork chop with romesco. The sauce was very nice and the pork juicy:

Pasta with cockles:

Well made, too.

Sorry I can’t be more specific on flavors and textures, but it’s been a super long time and this blog post got away from me. Hope the photos will help.

The 411 on Tarry Tavern.

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