SCF Goes on the Road to Maine

We packed up the car, loaded the bikes and got on the road. Like the dorks that we are, we even had a cooler for drinks and snacks on the road. Thank goodness, because we wouldn’t want to ignore the sage advice of the government in Maine:

There are many funny (cars loaded with bikes and kayaks) and beautiful (waves crashing along a rocky coastline) things to see in Maine, but this sign may have been one of my favorites. We came across it at the first rest stop across the border, where there were only restrooms and a room of vending machines full of chips and sodas. Hence, the warning, I suppose.

After the jump, the SCFmobile, loaded with bikes, but no kayaks, and a few photos of dorks eating their lunch at picnic tables on the side of interstate highways. This is going to be fun, people!

Yes, here’s Greg, attaching the bikes with our Brand! New! Bikerack!

We are well-equipped for the trip with a cooler (sandwiches, sodas) and a case of wine (Wolffer rose, naturally):

It it’s Willington, Ct., it must be lunchtime:

Random travelers:

Greg and his sammy:

Back into the SCFmobile:

A few random highway shots:

And…. for our fist stop of the trip: Portsmouth, N.H.

Fun, fun, here we come!

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