Shopping Beth’s Farm Market in Warren, Maine

Shopping Beth’s Farm Market in Warren, Maine

For supper on Monday night, Theresa had some delicious dishes planned. Lobster BLTs, for one. Corn. And a blueberry salad with arugula and gorgonzola. Killer. She bought all her produce from a terrific farm stand called Beth’s Farm Market. On the Beth’s website, Beth says (and yes, there is a real Beth): “If it is a vegetable that can be grown in Maine and it is in season, you will probably find it at Beth’s Farm Market.” I believe it. Come along for a look. The blueberries were out of this world.

The stand is about 15 minutes drive from Jeff and Theresa’s place. There are plants and bins of heavy vegetables, like melons and squashes, outside.

Inside, there are more than 50 kinds of produce, baked goods, dairy items — even oysters.

They are very serious about the quality of the produce, too:

Are we ready to shop, Theresa?

Let’s do it! Here’s the front of the shop, with the wooden checkout area:

Plums and thyme (they’d go well together, don’t you think?):

Corn for popping:

I told you there were oysters:

You didn’t believe me, did you?

“Many people love oysters raw also.” You think?!

Pretty potatoes:

Artsy photo:

Here are the incredible blueberries:

Squash and cabbage:

We got a cantaloupe and it was like eating candy for breakfast.

Some cream:

Theresa checks out:

We head back to the car:

On the way I snap some photos of the just-dried garlic:

Heading on to our next stop:

Bye, Beth’s! We loved meeting you.

On the way to our next stop, Theresa took the scenic route:

It was a lovely errand.

The 411 on Beth’s Farm Market: 1986 Western Road, Warren ME 04864. 207-273-3695,