Supper with Jeff and Theresa

Supper with Jeff and Theresa

We really were so lucky to have hit it off so well with cousins Jeff and Theresa. I mean, we kind of knew each other a little through family functions and events, but we’d never hung out for real. The visit was a lot of getting-to-know you questions and answers from both sides. I peppered Jeff with questions about his growing up and the rest of his siblings — there were six all together! — and he told me things I didn’t remember about my Dad. Like the Chileans visiting.

“You have his laugh, you know,” said Jeff one night.
“Oh really?” I asked.
“Nobody ever told you that?”

Nope. They hadn’t.  I’m glad Jeff did.

More photos of our fabulous supper, including Theresa’s to-die-for Lobster BLTs, after the jump.

We started with wine on the porch. This bottle will look familiar to SCF fans. Yup, it’s Wolffer.

We brought it up from home to share with these guys.

After some cocktailing, we got the rest of supper ready together. I was on corn duty.

(And I don’t mind saying, I almost messed it up royally by forgetting to pull it out of the water. I was off my game.)

Jeff is on bread duty:

Theresa’s on celery:

Et voila, celery into lobster salad:

Blueberry salad with gorgonzola and pistachios:

Greg was on camera duty:

Gorgeous looking supper:


(From Jess’s Market, of course.)


(All from Beth’s Farm Market, by the way.)

Also from Beth’s. Salad:

The gang, ready for supper:

Let’s dig in!

Delicious. The recipe for the Lobster BLTs is right here.

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  1. How fun to see the descendants staying in touch! The sisters are surely smiling!