Touring and Shopping in Rockland, Maine

One must-see attraction on our Maine list was the Farnsworth Museum, which has a collection of Maine artists, including many Wyeths. It was raining pretty hard when we went, so I didn’t take any photos outside — and you’re not allowed to take any inside. So you’ll just have to take my word for it that we went. And afterwards, we wandered a bit around downtown Rockland.

This may be very near the museum, I just can’t recall:

Here’s the ferry terminal. You’ll be seeing more of that later.

Here’s Fiore, an olive oil and vinegar shop so cool that I will devote an entire post to it shortly:

Some buildings:

Can anyone guess what numbers were stenciled with paint onto this missile-looking thing?

Dreary day:

Some random items:

Don’t worry, we also hit some more modern shops, but I just didn’t happen to have the camera out. Thanks for poking around Rockland with us.

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