Biking through Rockport

Biking through Rockport

We spent the day on bikes, exploring Rockport and Camden. We saw some stunning vistas, beautiful Belted Galloway cows and lot of beautiful countryside. Here’s the first leg of our trip:

So I belong to this dorky website called Map My Ride. It helps you route where you’ve been so you know the elevation and the mileage. Here’s our route today:

Jeff and Theresa suggested it as a fun ride, especially because of the cows. (Moo.) And the Children’s Chapel. But we’ll get to those in a minute.

It was a little much to bike all the way from Rockland to Camden, so we put the bikes on the car and drove to Rockport. Nice views along the way. This here is Clam Cove, just north of cousins J&T:

A pretty part of Route 1:

(Despite the telephone wires.)

I just snapped this one because it really depicted how similar Maine sometimes can look to the East End of Long Island. Could be NY, don’t you think?

Then we rode down the first part of the ride to the tip of the little peninsula. This is just before you turn off onto a charming dirt road:

Greg on the charming dirt road.

Isn’t it heavenly?

You can see this little glimpse of a view —

— and then you can also walk a little further and see this:

We sat here on the rocks for a little bit, overlooking Rockland Harbor:

Stunning, right? Here’s a little taste of what it sounded like, too:

Back on the bikes. Up the hill to the chapel:

Couple more nice views along the way:

Now we’re at the Children’s Chapel, also known as Vesper Hill:

It’s an outdoor chapel set high on the hill with beautiful gardens and gorgeous views:

This tree looked cool so I got all arty with it:

A bell, probably handy for all the weddings that happen here:

The center of the gardens below the chapel:

Greg descends back to the gardens:

Now we’re biking north on that route toward Camden. Here’s a view from a golf course:

Next, we come to the Belted Galloways, otherwise known as the Oreo Cow for the distinctive white strip around its middle. The sign:

One of the pastures:

Cows in the distance:

The farmhouse:

A little stand with an honor box:

Cow, closeup:


After that, we drove past a picturesque cemetery —

— and past some jaw-dropping homes before getting our first glimpse of Camden Harbor:

Greg admires the harbor:

Now we’re heading into town:

We think it’s time for a bit of lunch, don’t you? Good. See you at the restaurant for oysters and lobster.

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  1. Map My Ride is NOT dorky! And I love Belties…and Maine…and lobsters.