Ferry Ride to North Haven Island

Just as we were about to board our ferry to North Haven Island, rain started coming down in sheets. I didn’t even have a rain jacket of any sort, and went to a shop called Rock Coast Sports, where I found a very waterproof jacket by Columbia Sportswear. Thank goodness. It was a wet ride, with 6 to 8 foot swells and really strong winds. Yikes.

Ready? Come along…

Boarding the ferry:

Nautical rope and chain:

Looking at the ferry dock from on board:

Just in case:

We’re very wet.

Here’s the guy across from us with the very wet dog:

Cute wet dog:

Big swells, which made the boat rock a lot.

Some boats in the distance:

The name of our ferry was the Captain Neal Burgess:

As the waves started to settle, we realized we were coming into the shelter between the two islands:

It was still raining very fierce:

The island’s coast:

As we were leaving, the ferry man forced open the door to the blustering wind, as we were leaving the ferry, he said our favorite quote of the trip, with a jaunty accent:

“It’s quite nautical out!”

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