Nebo Lodge Inn & Restaurant on North Haven

We arrived at Nebo Lodge completely soaked through to our skin. I don’t remember a time when we’ve ever been as wet. Once we got in our room, we had to go directly to the bathroom to peel our clothes off our bodies. We asked the innkeeper if she wouldn’t mind drying my jeans. They were the only pants I brought. So we dried off in the room, reading our books for a bit.

The Inn recently went through massive renovations, and some of the construction is still evident in scaffolding, a half-finished wheelchair ramp, gaffer tape on stairs and unfinished details. But our room was lovely.

The view from the window:

Some art:


The hunna and his iPad:

We rested a bit, and then headed downstairs for cocktails and dinner. That’s the best thing about arriving at an inn all wet from a rainstorm. Dry off, and all you have to do is go downstairs for dinner.

The 411 on Nebo Lodge Inn & Restaurant.

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