A Bike Tour of North Haven Island

Nebo had a couple of bikes we could use to check out the island. The sun was trying its hardest to come out, and by the time we were on our way back from our ride, the sky was nearly clear. Here’s a look at the trip.

Today, our ride takes us from Nebo near Main Street, to Mullens Head Point, and back. Here’s a link to the map on MapMyRide.com: Nebo to Mullen Head Park.

We start out easy:

Pretty church. When we arrived and it was pouring rain, I sloshed in here and asked the pastor where to find Nebo, because we’d missed the sign and gone too far.

Cool signs:

A cemetery:


This house —

— has this view:



Now we’ve arrived at the park. Views:

Unfortunately, the batteries in the camera picked now to die. So I’ll leave you with this. Kinda makes you want to go to North Haven, doesn’t it?

Yeah. Us, too.

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