Ferry Back from North Haven

Ah! Finally! Some beautiful weather. I ended up getting a touch of sunburn, even! Here’s a look at our glorious boat ride back to the mainland.

We walked past the post office to get to the ferry terminal:

Here’s an incredibly short video of people getting on the ferry:

The habor:

A pretty short and kind of pointless video of the harbor:

These people were in the room next to us at Nebo. They were going back to Rockland to meet up with their schooner for a four-day sailing trip all based around food. I’m pretty sure it was this boat:  Maine Windjammer: It’s all about the food. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

I love this blue contrasted with the grey of the sky and sea:

Bye, North Haven Island! We will be back someday.

Another short and pointless video:

Sky is peeking through the clouds!

Ah ha! Here we go!

And this is the breakwater that you can walk to from Cousins J&T’s house.

We’ll save that for next time. For now, we’re off to Portland! See you there.

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