Biking Around Peaks Island

Are you tired of rocky coastlines, deep blue water and sunny skies? No, us neither. Here’s our bike trip around Peaks Island, just off the coast, and still a part of Portland proper:

Leaving the Portland ferry terminal:

We rode our bikes from the hotel. Hunna is still wearing his helmet:

We are arriving:

A video of the arrival:

On our way!

For our first stop, I will wow you with this view of a lighthouse:

On this same beach, you can also see water crashing into rocks:

Now we’re back on the bikes. This is the kind of road you can ride along:

The houses out there don’t suck:

For our second stop —

— I will wow you with the sound of rushing water coming onto the rocks below:

A nice bench to relax while you watch the waves:

Some people went by on horseback:

After this stop, we hurried back to get the ferry home — and we missed it by only a few minutes. At first, I was a little pouty about that, but then Greg brought me to my senses: what’s so bad about having to sit and and enjoy the seaside for 45 minutes while you wait for the next one?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

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