Nightcaps at Mayahuel

We decided on a post-Momofuku drink, and headed over to PDT to see if we could get in there. Alas, the Halloween crazy seemed to be taking over the East Village early, and there was no way. We headed over to Mayahuel — and barely got in there, too. Phew! Drinks!

We got a booth right by the bar. Nice and cozy.

Shaking cocktails:

Pretty ceiling tiles and chandelier:

And cool Day of the Dead display:

I can tell Greg is telling a very exciting story here:

Some cocktails here.

Popcorn with chili and lime and cheese:

A second round, including the Selena Fizz (blanco tequila, elderflower, grapefruit, lime with egg white and soda and orange bitters):

And that was about it for the (really, really fun) night.

The 411 on Mayahuel: 304 E. 6th St., Manhattan. 212-253-5888.