The Farm Gets New Bees

Al the Bee Guy came down from Northern Westchester bearing gifts: a 3-pound package of 15,000 little helpers for Sour Cherry Farm. They arrive in this screened-in box and he pours them into the hive like water. Here are the few left, moving into their new home.

Here are the bee packages in the back of Al’s truck:

All sealed up:

A closeup of our girls:

Al removes a few of the frames to make room for the box inside the hive:

He’s opening the package here:

This can has simple syrup inside, so the bees have food while they’re en route. Treme fans, you’ll be pleased to know these bees came from New Orleans:

Now he’s dumping the bees into the hive.

Afterwards, he lays the package down in front of the entrance so the rest of the girls can crawl out and into their new home:

Welcome, bees! We’re glad to have you back.