The Paella Party 2011

You know the kinds of parties you see in magazines, where the setting is as gorgeous as the food is delicious, and the guest list is an eclectic mix of creative types blessed with good looks and an inate ability to cook, mix drinks and decorate? Yeah, well, those parties are real. At least the one is at Cherry Ridge Farm, where our friends Dick and Sally host their annual Paella Party.

I first attended in 2007, when the party was held in March. (Here’s a link to the Paella Party 2007.) That was, of course, a great party. But over the years since then, it’s moved Memorial Day Sunday, which makes the party even better. We can cook outside —

— dine outside —

— and, after dinner, take a walk up to “the ridge,” which looks over the valley.

I have more than 150 photos from the day, so rather than make one long post, I offer you this slideshow. To see photo captions, hit the little conversation bubble in the lower left corner.

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