Link 41: Artisanal Sausage and Local Bacon in Chattanooga

We’d read about this cool sausage place – local hogs, artisanal craft, you know the deal! – in an article on Chattanooga in Garden & Gun magazine. So we decided to pop in for a few things.

Yes, of course we got bacon. And several sausages, too. It was hard to choose among all the varieties.


You might think that Link 41 is named because sausages come in links. And I guess you’d be partly right. But it’s also named so because Main Street used to be called Route 41 and it links Chattanooga with the farmland surrounding it. On the web site, the owner say:

Today we see our location as an important link between our urban and rural cultures, a connection between farm and table, old and new.

We like that.

The shop is little, but super cute.


The 411 on Link 41: Artisanal sausage and bacon made from locally raised pigs, and sold in a small, urban storefront on Main Street. You can also find the sausage at the Chattanooga farmers markets on Wednesday and Sunday.217 E. Main St., Chattanooga.