Recipe: Granola with Yogurt, Honey and Fruit

Ok, it’s hardly a recipe. But Greg came up with (and then I modified) a lovely combination of cereal, fruit and yogurt that I think everyone should enjoy.

You start with about 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt, and mix some honey into it. Then you mix in some Ezekial 4:9: Sprouted Grain Cereal, the Golden Flax Variety. It’s sort of like Grapenuts, but much better. Then you top with the fruit of your choice. Spring? Do strawberries. Winter? Do bananas. But right now it’s summer, so we’re doing peaches and blackberries. Finally, you top all that with Bola almond granola, which we love because it doesn’t have any dried fruit, not even raisins, but it does have almonds, oats and a nice sweetness.

That, my friends, is a winner of a breakfast.

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