New Year’s Eve at The Filling Station

For our New Year’s celebration, we headed out to Palisades to buy some Weleda cream for the baby and have a hamburger at The Filling Station on Route 9W. Then we went home to hang out with Sam and watch a movie. Oh, if the club kids could see us now!

Seriously, though, the food was excellent. Really top-notch. The burgers are made from natural Black Angus beef with no hormones or antibiotics, and it’s a special blend of brisket, short ribs and hanger steak. Best of all, they’re cooked perfectly. The Filling Station is now my new favorite burger joint in Rockland, hands down. Maybe Westchester and the city, too. You know what it reminds me of? Taylors Refresher (now known as Gott’s Roaside) in Napa!

It is a roadside restaurant, with a walk-up counter and picnic tables.

We’ve been to the Palisades Market several times before (including a few times not blogged about!). But this was our first time at the Filling Station, the burger part of the market.

Not only are there burgers and dogs, but also beer and wine!

Just like at most roadside stands, you walk up to the counter to order and then wait for your food to be made.

The menu is short and simple.

A few burgers, a few dogs, some fries and ice cream.

We ended up with two burgers with our specific requested toppings and fries with three dipping sauces: spicy ketchup, truffle aioli and blue cheese.

The food was so good. The toppings were crisp and fresh and the burgers were meaty and juicy. Seriously really great.

And yes. As usual, Sam had milk.

The 411 on The Filling Station: A roadside burger joint with high ambitions: Black Angus beef that’s hormone- and antibiotic-free is used to make tasty 6-ounce burgers with an array of fresh and delicious toppings. The fries are crispy and hot, and there are several gourmet dipping sauces to accompany them. Order your burger at the counter, then take it to the picnic tables outside  — or head over to the adjoining market to get some gourmet prepared food (salmon, chicken pot pie, beet salad) for those who might eschew (what? how?) burgers. 243 Route 9W, Palisades. 845-359-9000,


  1. Was Mel there with a fine-looking lunch?

  2. Wow!! hit the nail right on the head with the Gotts comment.
    My wife and I with 7 foodie friends from Piermont and Blauvelt (known now as the Napa 9) were out in Calistoga for our annual Napa food and wine trip. We stumbled on Gotts in Santa Helena and loved it. We thought wouldn’t it be great to have a place like this back home. And a year later voila!! THE FILLING STATION. We spent 6 months this year researching and tasting 18 different combinations of ground chopped meat and trying 4 different cooking methods before deciding on our final Filling Station Burger. Our philosophy is if you are going to just sell three items, they cant be good they have to be the best every time. Thanks for visiting and recognizing the amount of effort that goes into making simple food great.