Dinner at Hudson House in Nyack

Apparently there’s a new chef at the Hudson House. I haven’t called to get the scoop on his name or credentials, but from the few things Irene and I tasted, I’d say we’re in for a treat with his cooking!

This was the Green Goddess salad, which was a little like a greek salad, but more sophisticated. Olives, endive, arugula, onion… all delishy!

The Hudson House is undergoing renovations, so we ate in the upstairs dining room, which is really quite cozy and comfortable. There’s a cute little bar in the back, and a raised area that has served as a stage during performances there (and also was used to seat the wedding party at Sarah and Wilson’s rehearsal dinner!).

For my appetizer, I went with the smoked artic char. The small salad alongside was crisp and refreshing, and was a lovely little foil for the fatty fish. Very satisfying and good.

Irene went with her usual, shrimp and grits:

The new chef is doing a very good job with what has become a Hudson House classic.

I had the gnocchi with chestnuts and brown butter sauce. And for some reason I did not take a photo. The gnocchi were light and airy and the sauce was rich and wintery. There was some crisp pancetta in there, too, which was very nice.

I probably forgot to take the photo because by this time, Samantha needed to get out of her car seat. Irene was kind enough to hold her for a bit:

Too cute!

You can’t go to the Hudson House and not get dessert. We got a pear-ginger crisp and another dessert that I can’t remember right now…. but trust me. Both delicious. That Matt Hudson is talented in the kitchen.

By this time, Kris came and met us for an after-dinner Old Fashioned. She took her turn with Sam, too:

I think Sam had a lot of fun on her night out drinking and dining with the girls.

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