Prosperity Dumpling and Playing in the Park

After the Mario the Magician show, we walked through Chinatown a bit to find this dumpling place I’d heard tell about on Serious Eats.

Serious Eats, which I trust implicitly when it comes to this sort of thing, lauds the place for both its fried dumplings ($1 for 5!) and its sesame pancake. OK, truth be told they like a few other places better. But these are consistently highly recommended, and were quite happy with our meal. Bonus: Prosperity is really close to Sara D. Roosevelt Park, which makes for a great place to take your takeout and enjoy your meal outdoors.

A look at both, plus a walk through Chinatown, after the jump.

The dumpling place is tiny; barely enough room for a few people to stand in front of the counter to order. Behind the counter are three massive pots for frying and steaming dumplings.

We also ordered these sesame pancakes, which you can request be stuffed with pork or duck or even beef. We got pork.

Please don’t kill me. We were FAMISHED. So we devoured the dumplings and the pancakes before I even got a shot off. But wow. Delicious. And what a bargain. We fed a family of six, plus Kris and Irene for a little more than $20.

Here we are in the park afterwards:

And walking back to the car. Srimp is a bit crabby.

And we saw some rambutans and dragon fruit.

What a lovely afternoon!

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