Oysters at Oceana

We only had time for a small snack before we were to meet someone for a show at the Iridium. I thought a few oysters at the bar at Oceana would do the trick. In-and-out and nobody gets hurt. We were happy to discover that there is an outdoor patio. We were even happier to discover that oysters from Glidden Point and Pemaquid were on the menu. We miss Maine.

The weather was gorgeous. It was one of those summer nights in midtown, after everyone’s gone home from work. The streets are so quiet you can hear the airconditioners hum. There’s a tiny breeze, just enough to tickle your hair. You order a cold glass of rosé.

Someone brings a shot glass of asparagus soup, resting on a round of cucumber so it won’t spill in transit.

You drink it. The oysters come. They are cold. Briny. Of the sea. They remind you of the rocky coast of Maine and chilly nights, ones where the sweater is welcome.

You finish them. Quietly.

You leave. Sated, but sad.

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