Christmas Morning 2012

Christmas presentsSomething tells me this might be the last Christmas morning I sleep in for a very long while. So we took advantage of that! A few gifts to exchange, a big breakfast of French toast and brown sugar, black pepper bacon. What a special morning.

Christmas presents

Samantha was more interested in the wrapping paper, though she did love her new book:

To make brown-sugar black-pepper bacon, you just place bacon on a rack in a sheet pan and sprinkle lots of both over top. Then bake at 400 for 20 minutes.

For French toast, I just cracked a few eggs into a dish and added some milk, vanilla, salt and pepper. Then I let the stale bread from last night’s dinner soak for a few minutes.

Into the big cast iron pan:

A few of the bigger pieces:


Samantha thought so, too:

The new trick seems to be “put it on your head!”

Merry Christmas!

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