Tamales at the Ranch for Christmas Dinner 2012

Tamales at the Ranch for Christmas Dinner 2012

As is our tradition for, well, many years now, we celebrated Christmas night with a tamale feast. We order them from the Texas Tamale Factory, and they arrive vacuum-sealed in bags, which makes them super easy to heat up. With a salad and some beans, you have a simple supper, and that’s just what you want at the end of the holiday season.

Of course, a Christmas margarita doesn’t hurt either.


And neither do a couple of cousins.


Cocktails in the living room before dinner:



Leighlo and Samamtha!

No, Samantha …

That’s Leighlo’s drink!


Grammy and Sammy:

Sorry about the blurred Boo:

After dinner, we opened our Christmas poppers and put on the funny hats inside:

And the evening ended with singing and dancing.

Everyone loves a little family band.

Merry Christmas everybody!


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