New Year’s Eve 2012-2013: Oysters! Carbonara! Singing!

New Year’s Eve 2012-2013: Oysters! Carbonara! Singing!

What a fun New Year’s Eve! We sipped champagne from France, slurped oysters from Maine and savored big bowls of carbonara. And then there was the singing!







Irene takes over oyster-shucking duty from Greg:

We ordered 8 dozen from Gay Island Oysters in Maine, and they were delicious: briny, sweet, small. Just perfect.

Irene also brought over a garlicky lentil dip:

Cocktails and conversation:


We did a little bit of cooking at a time. We sort of played off the recipe from a long-ago Sour Cherry Farm post on Penne Carbonara.

Chopped the guiancale from Tarry Market:


And onions from the Pleasantville market:



Parm and pecorino mixed:

Stone Barns eggs:

Stone Barns eggs

And Kris and Tom made our pasta by hand!

Bacon crisp and onions caramelizing:

Cheese and eggs mixed up, so we’re all set except for the pasta:

Pasta done, add to bacon, onion pan, then pour cheese and eggs over it:


Oh. My. God. Carbonara and good bread with salted butter.

Followed by two kinds of dessert by Irene!

Irene on the gee-tar:

And a group effort by the gang:

What a way to ring in 2013!

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