Seafood Supper at The Deuce

Our final night in Amagnsett. It was too rainy to spend magic hour at the beach, so we had a little dance party USA with the girls while making dinner.

More of those photos to come from Sarah and Laurie, but here’s one for now:



The makings of our Montauk Farmers Market pasta… clams and scallops: lj072513dinner02 lj072513dinner03

Lobster that was pre-cooked, we just shelled it:lj072513dinner04

More yummy seafood:

lj072513dinner05 lj072513dinner06

Roasted cherry tomatoes:lj072513dinner07

Blanched corn:


A few photos of our “unit,” The Deuce:lj072513dinner09 lj072513dinner10 lj072513dinner11

Handsome deck:


Outdoor shower:


The gang for supper:lj072513dinner14

Squid ink pasta with clams, lobster scallops, corn, roasted tomatoes and basil:lj072513dinner15

Good, but not our very best effort. Needed a bit of an edit.lj072513dinner16

But the seafood was so fresh and sweet, and the corn a great addition. Maybe no tomatoes next time? Still satisfying to have an all-local dinner. Good times.


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