Thanksgiving at the Ranch

SCF fans will notice I’ve fallen a bit behind in my posts lately! I promise to catch up soon with Jessica’s visit to the Farm, Samantha’s birthday, a couple of trips to some great restaurants (including The Parlor in Dobbs Ferry!) and lots more soon. For now, here’s a look at our Thanskgiving feast at The Ranch, which included dry-brined turkey, cornbread dressing with fennel and sausage, sweet potatoes with maple-bourbon drizzle, Brussels sprouts slaw with pecans, and Parker House rolls, made fresh. Plus, we had a post-meal stop at the Martins, where we have a few photos, too.

Recipes (and recipes for cocktails and desserts!) coming soon. Promise.lj112813tday01 lj112813tday02 lj112813tday03 lj112813tday04 lj112813tday05 lj112813tday06 lj112813tday07 lj112813tday08 lj112813tday09 lj112813tday10  lj112813tday12 lj112813tday13 lj112813tday14 lj112813tday15 lj112813tday16 lj112813tday17 lj112813tday18 lj112813tday19 lj112813tday20 lj112813tday21 lj112813tday22 lj112813tday23 lj112813tday24 lj112813tday25 lj112813tday26  lj112813tday28 lj112813tday29 lj112813tday30 lj112813tday31 lj112813tday32 lj112813tday33 lj112813tday34 lj112813tday35 lj112813tday36 lj112813tday37 lj112813tday38 lj112813tday39 lj112813tday40 lj112813tday41 lj112813tday42 lj112813tday43 lj112813tday44




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