Merry Christmas from Sour Cherry Farm

Merry Christmas everybody! I’m sorry to say that SCF doesn’t have the extravangza of recipes and cooking posts that normally accompany this time of year. (Like in Christmas 2012, Christmas 2011, Christmas 2010…well, you get the picture…)

I have been struck with the flu. Yes, two days before Christmas. You know what they say about people with the flu (and I’m looking at you Typhoid Mary), they shouldn’t be cooking for others.

lj122413sick01  lj122413sick02

So Sondra and Leigh took Sam off to church on Christmas Eve and I stayed in bed. Hunna shook up some Manhattans and fixed up a plate of smoked fish and crackers, and had a little hors d’oeuvre reception for when they came home.


I drank mint tea. I guess that’s somewhat festive. The whole she-bang lasted about an hour, and back in bed I went.

Samantha, of course, was the belle of the ball. So naturally all the photos are of her.

From our farm to yours, we wish you all a Merry Christmas.  As it turns out, we got a white one, after all.


Back from church and ready for a snack:lj122413eve03

Let’s open a prezzy!lj122413eve04 lj122413eve05 lj122413eve06 lj122413eve07

It’s from aunt Kelli:


Helping herself to mustard and salmon:lj122413eve09

Not wanting to turn the tree on, even though it’s been so much fun all season long!

Singing a song for Gramma’s video Christmas card:lj122413eve10 lj122413eve11 lj122413eve12 lj122413eve13 lj122413eve14

Surprised a little white Christmas after all:lj122413eve15 lj122413eve16 lj122413eve17 lj122413eve18 lj122413eve19

Wishing Boo Boo a Merry Christmas:

A few closeups of a girl always in motion:lj122413eve20 lj122413eve21 lj122413eve22 lj122413eve23 lj122413eve24 lj122413eve25 lj122413eve26

And toward the end of the evning, Samantha took to “covering” Daddy with her little “blankets.” Just to make sure he was nice and warm.

lj122413eve27 lj122413eve28 lj122413eve29 lj122413eve30 lj122413eve31 lj122413eve32

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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