Big Day of Fun, Part I: DWR Studio

That’s right kid, it’s time for another BDoF. Kelli and Sarah are along, and we’ll be meeting Sondra and Leigh in a bit. But for now, our Big Day of Fun begins with a #selfie at Starbucks and a visit to the new Design Wihtin Reach studio at 57th and 3rd.


The store is on the second and third floors:lj032214bdof02 lj032214bdof03

Greg describes the marble table:lj032214bdof04

I’m sitting in a $10,000 chair:lj032214bdof05

Hunna inspects the room:lj032214bdof06

My favorite couch, in front of the swatch wall:lj032214bdof07

We can dream, can’t we?

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