Brunch at The East Pole

The East Pole is a new(ish) restaurant on the Upper East Side from the guys behind The Fat Radish and The LeadBelly. We chose brunch at The East Pole becuase it was only a few blocks from the Whitney, with a good-looking brunch menu. Once we had the killer bloody marts and the tasty food, we were quite happy with our choice!




The cast. Sondra and Sarah:lj032214bdof20

Me and Kel:lj032214bdof21


And Hunna!lj032214bdof23


We had a nice round table with a circular banquette in the back of the restuarant. The skylight above cast that beautiful light down, and we could see through the square-paned glass into the kitchen, where prep cooks were peeling pears and chopping cabbage on a mandoline.

The upstairs bar and private room:


lj032214bdof08 lj032214bdof09 lj032214bdof24

The food was very good, but the service was slow and apathetic. Nothing quite wrong, but nothing very right, either.

Baked pollack with lentils and kale:lj032214bdof25


Nice to see something lunch-y, i.e. not egg-y, on a brunch menu.

Scrambled eggs with broccoli and cheese:lj032214bdof26


Quite a lot of flavor an a very nice crunch from the broccoli, which was diced very small.

Smoked salmon toastini:lj032214bdof27


Good salmon.

Avocado toast with eggs and hot sauce:lj032214bdof28


Good but not as exciting as I’d hope. The bread was excellent.

Fried potatoes (for the table):lj032214bdof29


These were great.

Scotch eggs! (For the table, too):lj032214bdof30


Nice but extremely filling.

The main dining room:lj032214bdof31

Sweet little bar:lj032214bdof32

And some great little sidewalk tables:lj032214bdof34


Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the neighborhood.

The East Pole, 133 E 65th St, Manhattan. 212-249-2222,


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