Easter Sunday: Church and Egg Hunt

Easter Sunday: Church, Easter eggs and spring dresses. And Greg at church! A special day indeed!

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Isn’t it funny how the Easter Bunny comes while you’re at church and hides the same eggs that you dyed the day before? How weird is that?lj042014easter06 lj042014easter07 lj042014easter08 lj042014easter09 lj042014easter10 lj042014easter11 lj042014easter12 lj042014easter13 lj042014easter14

The Easter Bunny was so good at hiding eggs that even we adults could barely find them!lj042014easter15 lj042014easter16 lj042014easter17 lj042014easter18 lj042014easter19 lj042014easter20 lj042014easter21 lj042014easter22 lj042014easter23


Happy Easter

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