Pre-Theater Supper at Tolaoche in Manhattan

Some of the best casual, contemporary Mexican food in New York can be found at Toloache, a restaurant with three locations in Manhattan — one of them being extremely convenient for theater goers.

Blueberry Hibiscus Margarita:


It’s not rocket science; it’s just good, fresh Mexican food, served as it might be in a neighborhood restaurant in Mexico.




A few fancy twists, like this Hamachi dish: Yellowtail, Meyer lemon, cucumber, red onion, Huichol salsa and crispy avocado:



And some smart takes on tacos, too.

Langosta: Spicy lobster, morita salsa, avocado


De Lechon: Suckling pig carnitas, cactus sald, chicharron, salsa verde and queso fresco:

Really delicious, and such a treat.

The 411 on Toloache: 251 W. 50th St., Manhattan. 212-581-1818,


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