Grand Banks: The Floating Oyster Bar in NYC

The floating oyster bar in NYC, Grand Banks, is docked off Pier 25 in TriBeCa at the west end of North Moore Street. The old schooner was retrofitted with two bars and tables, and serves oysters and a few small plates. We thought it a perfect place for happy hour sundowners.



Unfortunately, a lot of other people, especially stockbrokers just done with work on Wall Street, had the same idea:lj072414bdof03 lj072414bdof04

And the sun was setting right in our eyes and we tried to enjoy our oysters:lj072414bdof05 lj072414bdof06

The view is pretty stunning:

lj072414bdof07 lj072414bdof08

But the boat was pretty rocky, and we twice spilled our wine while trying to aim its pour into our glasses. It sloshed all over the bar, isntead.lj072414bdof09

The oysters, though, were very, very good.lj072414bdof10

Sweet, briny, cold:lj072414bdof11 lj072414bdof12 lj072414bdof13

But all in all, I think the oyster bar on the boat is a better idea in theory.lj072414bdof14


The 411 on Grand Banks.

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