Dinner at 14 & Hudson in Piermont

Our second time at 14 & Hudson, a sweet little gastropub in Piermont. Here’s a look.

Delishy cocktails:

lj082814hudson01 lj082814hudson02 lj082814hudson03

Pork belly over grits with an egg:lj082814hudson04

Not as great as I would have hoped, but still tasty.

Flatbread pizza. Nice!


Calamari. Fresh and crispy. The tartar sauce was delicious. The orange one was a little weird.



Goat cheese fondue. Tangy, melty and good!


Delishy chicken panino. Terrific fries.lj082814hudson07

Chicken cobb. Also very tasty:lj082814hudson08

The burger held up. Was just as good as the first time.lj082814hudson09

And the chicken, too. Really good.


Apple crisp for dessert.


All in all very good food, and a fun night out with friends.

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