Biking around Springs

A great workout with beautiful views this Saturday morning: a 12-mile bike ride around the bay at Springs.

The gang:

lj092014bike02 lj092014bike03 lj092014bike04 lj092014bike05 lj092014bike06 lj092014bike07 lj092014bike08 lj092014bike09 lj092014bike10 lj092014bike11

A stop at the Pollack-Krasner house.lj092014bike12 lj092014bike13 lj092014bike14

On our way again:lj092014bike15 lj092014bike16 lj092014bike17 lj092014bike18 lj092014bike19 lj092014bike20 lj092014bike21 lj092014bike22 lj092014bike23 lj092014bike24 lj092014bike25 lj092014bike26


Great ride.

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