Gigi’s Birthday Party at Muscoot Farm

Happy third birthday Gigi! Katie and I met at a breastfeeding group when Sam and Gigi were just tiny babies. Today, they go to day care together, and have become fast friends.

One of Gigi’s favorite spots to visit is Muscoot Farm in Katonah, so Katie and Mario long planned to have her party there. After a summer-long drought, the skies picked today (of all days!) to open up.


It didn’t stop us from visiting some of the animals!lj100414gigi02 lj100414gigi03 lj100414gigi04

And kicking around the pumpkin patch a bit:lj100414gigi05 lj100414gigi06 lj100414gigi07 lj100414gigi08

A ridiculously cute photo of the party guests:lj100414gigi09 lj100414gigi10

Plus babies:lj100414gigi11

Pregnant Katie by the window!lj100414gigi12

Ready for cake!lj100414gigi13 lj100414gigi14

The big moment:

gigicake13lj100414gigi15 lj100414gigi16

And, the instagram portrait!lj100414gigi17

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