Christmas Eve 2014

Church. Cocktails. Photos by the tree. Dinner. Dessert. Fire. Family. Friends. Merry Christmas!

At the kids service at Grace:

lj122414xmaseve02 lj122414xmaseve03 lj122414xmaseve04

Les Dorkages at the tree:

lj122414xmaseve05 lj122414xmaseve06 lj122414xmaseve07

Samantha thanks Kelli and Sarah for her beautiful dress:

lj122414xmaseve08 lj122414xmaseve09

Photo credit, Samantha:lj122414xmaseve10 lj122414xmaseve11


Kale salad with squash, almonds and cheese:lj122414xmaseve12

The table, set with Christmas greenery:lj122414xmaseve13 lj122414xmaseve14 lj122414xmaseve15

The Christmas tree at the Ranch:

lj122414xmaseve16 lj122414xmaseve17

Beef tenderloin, made with the slow-cook method found on Tasting Table:lj122414xmaseve18

Filling water glasses:  lj122414xmaseve21 lj122414xmaseve22



Caramelized onions:lj122414xmaseve24

Roasted Brussels sprouts:lj122414xmaseve25

Smashed potatoes, courtesy of Fine Cooking:lj122414xmaseve26

Our Christmas meal! lj122414xmaseve28


For dessert, a baba au rhum, which I forgot to photograph, so I will borrow from another holiday!


Merry Christmas!

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