New Year’s Day, Southern Style

Our new friends Susie and Joe invited us to their annual New Year’s Day party, where they revel in Southern heritage and serve all the New Year’s lucky foods: Black eyed peas, ham, grits, collards and, of course, Joe’s famous biscuits!

They special-order the grits.


Tom, Susie and yours truly:lj010115party02

People at the party:


Jelly jars as glasses:


Party goers:

lj010115party05 lj010115party06

Ham, buscuits, grits, collards and black-eyed peas. And a bloody, of course!lj010115party07

The buffet:


Pots on the stove. Just help yourself.

lj010115party09 lj010115party10 lj010115party11 lj010115party12

Joe checks his biscuits:

lj010115party13 lj010115party14 lj010115party15

Sweet little bar:


Dessert on the back buffet. A killer caramel cake:

lj010115party17 lj010115party18 lj010115party19

Partiers eating and enjoying:lj010115party20


Happy New Year!


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