Snow Day at Sour Cherry Farm

First big snowstorm of the season, and we have pancakes, make snow angels and build a snowman. Pretty successful run, I’d say!

Snow on tree:


Yummy winter breakfast:lj012415snowday03

Can we go out now, mommy?


With Claire and Jane:


Snow angels:

lj012415snowday06 lj012415snowday07 lj012415snowday08 lj012415snowday09


lj012415snowday10 lj012415snowday11

SCF bird feeder:


Remember when we would sit here with a glass of rose and stargaze?

lj012415snowday14 lj012415snowday15 lj012415snowday16 lj012415snowday17

We did the bottom; daddy did the middle and the head:lj012415snowday18 lj012415snowday19 lj012415snowday20 lj012415snowday21 lj012415snowday22

Good snowman, I’d say!lj012415snowday23  lj012415snowday25 lj012415snowday26 lj012415snowday27 lj012415snowday28 lj012415snowday29

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