A Day at the New York Botanical Garden: Frida Kahlo, the Rose Garden and the Native Plant Garden

What a fun day! We spent the day wandering around the Botanical, visiting the Frida Kahlo exhibit, the Rose Garden and the Native Plant Center. A brief meet-up with Julia, Catherine and Boo was the icing on the cake. We are lucky to live near such a treasure.

We started with a visit to see Frida Kahlo paintings in the library.




No photography was allowed in the gallery, but there were eight or so of her works, including the self-portrait you see hanging on the banner above the steps.

“Frida and Diego’s Mexico City”:lj060515botanical03 lj060515botanical04 lj060515botanical05

Tulip trees:

lj060515botanical06 lj060515botanical07

Wandering around:


The Conservatory:

lj060515botanical09 lj060515botanical10 lj060515botanical11

Tropical plants:

lj060515botanical12 lj060515botanical13 lj060515botanical14 lj060515botanical15

Heading into Frida:

lj060515botanical16 lj060515botanical17

The blue is an exact match for her Casa Azul (See our trip to visit it here: Frida’s Blue House.)


Sam liked the water features:



lj060515botanical20 lj060515botanical21 lj060515botanical22

White calla lilly against a blue background:



What a great name! Swiss Cheese Plant:



lj060515botanical27 lj060515botanical28

The pyramid is the same size and scale as the one in their garden in DF:

lj060515botanical29 lj060515botanical30

“Mommy, take a picture of me!”


“Can I see it?”


Girl and cactus:


More beauty:

lj060515botanical34  lj060515botanical36

Pyramid and cacti:


Frida’s drawing table (or one similar):


The courtyard of the conservatory:

lj060515botanical39 lj060515botanical40 lj060515botanical41 lj060515botanical42 lj060515botanical43

Back inside, the rainforest display:

lj060515botanical44 lj060515botanical45 lj060515botanical46

“Mommy, take a picture of bunny!”


Oh! Look!

lj060515botanical48 lj060515botanical49 lj060515botanical50

sam loves the water features:

lj060515botanical51 lj060515botanical52

Now, a stop for lunch at the Hudson Garden Grill. See our lunch photos here: Lunch at Hudson Garden Grill. (Food was great!)


Now, a walk along the perennial beds along the conservatory:lj060515botanical54 lj060515botanical55 lj060515botanical56 lj060515botanical57 lj060515botanical58

I don’t get it. We have all these flowers and herbs, but they sure don’t look like this!lj060515botanical59 lj060515botanical60

And now a trip to the rose garden. Everything is in bloom. Stunning!lj060515botanical61 lj060515botanical62 lj060515botanical63 lj060515botanical64 lj060515botanical65 lj060515botanical66 lj060515botanical67 lj060515botanical68 lj060515botanical69 lj060515botanical70 lj060515botanical71 lj060515botanical72 lj060515botanical73 lj060515botanical74 lj060515botanical75 lj060515botanical76 lj060515botanical77 lj060515botanical78

They had a harpist and a cellist playing!

I realize this first one is an accidental video of my feet, but you can hear the beautiful music:


lj060515botanical79 lj060515botanical80 lj060515botanical81 lj060515botanical82

Playing in the grass:

lj060515botanical83 lj060515botanical84

Smell was so beautiful!lj060515botanical85 lj060515botanical86 lj060515botanical87 lj060515botanical88 lj060515botanical89 lj060515botanical90

Catherine and Boo!

lj060515botanical91 lj060515botanical92

Now to the Native Plant Garden:lj060515botanical93 lj060515botanical94 lj060515botanical95

So pretty!

lj060515botanical96 lj060515botanical97 lj060515botanical98 lj060515botanical99


What a wonderful day!

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