Family Portraits and the Last Night at the Beach

Warning: there are an obscene amount of unedited photos in this post, so unless you have a vested interest (ie, you were there, I’m looking at you Kelli, Sarah and Boo) or you are very close family (that would be you, Mom), this post might not be for everyone. But wow, what great light for taking portraits!

Here they are:

lj072315beach40 lj072315beach41 lj072315beach42 lj072315beach43 lj072315beach44 lj072315beach47 lj072315beach48 lj072315beach49 lj072315beach50 lj072315beach51 lj072315beach52 lj072315beach53 lj072315beach54 lj072315beach55 lj072315beach56 lj072315beach57 lj072315beach58 lj072315beach59 lj072315beach60 lj072315beach61 lj072315beach62 lj072315beach63 lj072315beach64 lj072315beach65 lj072315beach66 lj072315beach67 lj072315beach68 lj072315beach69 lj072315beach70 lj072315beach71 lj072315beach72 lj072315beach73


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