Rockland Farm Alliance Fundraising Dinner: On the Farm!

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful night for an outdoor dinner under the stars. Irene, who is on the board of the Rockland Farm Alliance, invited us to the annual fundraising dinner. This is the first time it was held at the farm.

lj092615farm01 lj092615farm02

Sam was invited, too.lj092615farm03 lj092615farm04 lj092615farm05

Rockland Roots catered the event. lj092615farm06

(I have food photos but they are on my other phone. I will update!)lj092615farm07

Jim and Peggy sat with us too! (Peggy is also on the board, which you may remember from past RFA dinners, like this one at 8 North Broadway.)lj092615farm08 lj092615farm09 lj092615farm10 lj092615farm11

After dinner, Irene came by for a nightcap on Our New Porch!lj092615farm12 lj092615farm13 lj092615farm14

It’s hard to see, I know, but I lit all the candles. Every single one. Reminds me of the conversation Jane told me she had with Barry when they moved in across the street. She was asking about the neighbors. Barry pointed at our house and said: “They really like candles.”

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