An Early Supper at Peekskill Brewery

Downstairs, a pub and tasting room, filled with day-drinkers making a pit-stop on their leaf-peeping jaunts. Upstairs, a restaurant, also filled, with long-distance bikers, families and young couples. At both: the excellent, locally brewed beer from Peekskill Brewery.

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We were glad we’d made a reservation. Even at 5:30 p.m., a table was hard to come by. Fall day-trippers, they said. The meal took 1 1/2 hours, which was a lot longer than we were expecting.


I even tried a couple of brews myself, including this Sour (fabulous!):lj101715pb06

Sam enjoyed her French fries and chicken: lj101715pb07

Our arugula salad was super, too:lj101715pb08

I did not love the octopus tacos. Not much of a taco, I must say, and though the octopus was cooked well, it just didn’t have any wow-factor.lj101715pb09

Wings were big, juicy and spicy:lj101715pb10

And we pigged out on the poutine, which was just as decadent as it looks:lj101715pb11

For dessert, a take on s’mores:lj101715pb12

All in all, we enjoyed our meal quite a bit and would go back — another time with it’s not quite as crowded.


The 411 on Peekskill Brewery.

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