The Blizzard of January, 2016

The Blizzard of January, 2016

Well, it finally came.


This warm, snow-less winter came to a screeching halt Saturday morning. lj012316blizzard03

Luckily, we were prepared, and had Joan Nathan’s Brisket recipe at our fingertips. lj012316blizzard04 lj012316blizzard05

And a new (used) snowblower in the garage:lj012316blizzard06 lj012316blizzard07

The snow settled in the stairs window:lj012316blizzard08

And pelted the glass:lj012316blizzard09

And hunna!


We all took turns:


And Sam and I got out to play for just a little bit:lj012316blizzard12 lj012316blizzard13 lj012316blizzard14 lj012316blizzard15 lj012316blizzard16

It was coming down so hard it hurt her eyes as she was trying to do snow angels:lj012316blizzard17

Hot chocolate and lemon pound cake at Campbell’s:lj012316blizzard18 lj012316blizzard19 lj012316blizzard20 lj012316blizzard21

And then home again:


As evening settled, it was still coming down hard:lj012316blizzard23 lj012316blizzard24 lj012316blizzard25 lj012316blizzard26 lj012316blizzard27 lj012316blizzard28 lj012316blizzard29

Charlie’s house, all aglow:lj012316blizzard30 lj012316blizzard31

More angels:

lj012316blizzard32 lj012316blizzard33 lj012316blizzard34


lj012316blizzard35 lj012316blizzard36

Hooray for snow!lj012316blizzard37 lj012316blizzard38 lj012316blizzard39

And then it was brisket time. (Post coming up!)

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