Dyeing Eggs

We’ve perfected the schedule for dying natural Easter eggs: make the dyes on Friday night, then let them steep overnight. (And the recipe for natural dye is here!)


(And it was a crazy Friday night at SCF!)


We do the eggs in them the next morning, and steep them for a few hours.

lj032616eggs03 lj032616eggs04

And because we have brown eggs, green eggs and all colors in between, the colors turn all kinds of beautiful earthy tones.

lj032616eggs05 lj032616eggs06 lj032616eggs07  lj032616eggs09 lj032616eggs10 lj032616eggs11 lj032616eggs12

One word of advice (for me) for next year, though: Red Zinger (hibiscus), just doesn’t work. Don’t bother.


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