Ladies Night at Oratamin

Ladies Night at Oratamin

What a fabulous idea! Jessica, you are magnificent!


Ken and Jessica, who longtime Sour Cherry Farm fans may remember from this Halloween post Way. Back. When (click through if you want to see Baby Sadie!), are two of the main reasons we joined Oratamin back in 2012. It was hot as hell. We were looking for a place to swim. Oratmain was having an open house. We parked our car and Ken and Jessica were two of the first people we saw. We were in.lj081216ladies02

Now this summer, Jess has been working harder than ever to make this club a fun and cool place to be. Between her summer camp (here’s a link if you’ve not yet heard about it: Camp Oratamin) and her get-togethers, she’s been bringing people together over relaxation, swimming and, let’s face it, wine.


Tonight it was all three, and for women only. We decorated the place to the nines, brought some delishy food and just, hung out!

lj081216ladies04 lj081216ladies05

Looks so fun, doesn’t it?lj081216ladies06

It was!

lj081216ladies07 lj081216ladies08 lj081216ladies09

And look at this feast!

lj081216ladies10 lj081216ladies11 lj081216ladies12 lj081216ladies13

So pretty.

lj081216ladies14 lj081216ladies15 lj081216ladies16


lj081216ladies17 lj081216ladies18 lj081216ladies19

An absolute blast.


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