To MoMA, for Design and Art

To MoMA, for Design and Art

As has been our custom over the past few years, we headed to Manhattan on New Year’s morning, for a little sightseeing and lunch.

This year, we added the Museum of Modern Art to our itinerary. Greg was interested in an exhibit on modern furniture design (of course!) and we all wanted to see some of the permanent collection.

lj010117moma01 lj010117moma02

The backlash against Victorian-era excess:lj010117moma03

A stunning bar.lj010117moma04 lj010117moma05

Here are a few of Samantha’s photos:lj010117moma06 lj010117moma07 lj010117moma08 lj010117moma09

Not too bad! We saw a few gems, too.

Christina’s World:lj010117moma10



My man Marc Rothko:


Ah, Piet.

lj010117moma13 lj010117moma14

Irene and Sam!


You may have noticed that activity card in the photos above. It was great for Sam to have artwork to look for, and then once she found it, the card asked questions and gave her an opportunity to create, too.lj010117moma16 lj010117moma17  lj010117moma19

That time when you realize that your daughter doesn’t know what canned soup is:lj010117moma20 lj010117moma21

Sam, draing her self-portrait on a Frida Kahlo activity card in front of Monet’s Waterlilies. lj010117moma22 lj010117moma23 lj010117moma24

My art for the day:


And, we end today’s visit with Edward Ruscha’s Oof. 


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