Brisket Supper

Brisket Supper

After all this travel and work, it was a pleasure to settle in for a long MLK Jr. weekend and do a little cooking. I made two recipes from the wonderful Canal House Cooks Every Day book, brisket and — if you can believe it — homemade bread.

Sondra and Leigh joined us for a lovely Saturday night supper. The brisket was falling-apart tender.


And the bread was, well, for my first time? Fabulous.lj011517brisket06

We finally tried these honeynut squash we bought a while back.lj011517brisket07

The flavor was delicious, but I did not cook them long enough. They’re so small, I thought they’d be done in a half an hour or so. Next time, I’d go at least an hour. I made them with ginger and maple syrup. lj011517brisket08

We also had chard. Sam is not pleased.


Finally got her to settle in. lj011517brisket10

After-dinner drinks and cookies. lj011517brisket11

These crispy, salted oatmeal-white chocolate cookies.

Good times.

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